From old goldsmith family in Drammen has Knut Horgen worked as a gemstone setter since 1967 and was educated by Peter Roffler from Zurich, Switzerland, and Lars Harsheim AS in Oslo. Since 1982 he has done makes assignments for goldsmith industry from its own workshop in Oslo and more recently from Røyse by Hønefoss.

In 2004 he started a service with CAD drawings and 3D printing of wax models for casting, which we now perform for the goldsmith industry and in cooperation with the goldsmiths, we present a new concept for the production of personalized jewelry for all.

  • Do you remember the gorgeous ring you saw in Italy during the holidays?
  • I'd like to have a jewelry set that only I had!
  • Are you tired of mass-produced jewelry?
  • Have not found exactly what you would like?

Design and produce your own personalized jewelry in collaboration with us.

Separate models gallery, for sale from leading jewelers.

Has good experience in design commissioned by the goldsmiths.

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