Vision Numeric : founded in 1988, 23 years experience

Key dates

1991 : new office in Lyon and official launch of Type3
1995 : TypeArt module creation
2001 : LaserType official launch
2003 : 3Design Jewel and Type3 CAA CATIA Solutions

A global network

Export : 80 %

5 Subsidiaries :

Vision Numeric Italy
Vision Numeric USA
Vision Numeric Germany
Vision Numeric UK
Vision Numeric China

Reseller network in more than 47 countries

  • Over 20 years of software design experience developing market driven, rotary & laser solutions
  • Technical and sales experience in various industries
  • Over 45,0000 customers in more than 47 countries
  • Close and constant watch of these various markets, through Vision numeric's staff, distributors/resellers, machine-tool or CAD/CAM industry partners
  • Positioned to anticipate a global vision of the market
  • Image recognition of our company and our products
  • Strong Presence in the international marketplace
  • Financial strength
  • Innovation through existing and emerging markets
  • The experience of long-term OEM relationships
  • The recognition of expertise from Leading companies like Dassault Systèmes, Svarowski, Solidworks, Gravograph, …