LaserType, the professional software designed specifically for the laser industry, optimizes the performance of your machine. In a single solution it brings together all the marking, cutting and engraving functions. LaserType is upgradeable from 2D to 3D. Laser users no longer require an additional software linked to their machine; LaserType is the only software needed.

Today the laser is a wonderful tool for machining the most precise details. For logo engraving, surface decoration and bas-relief sculpting, LaserType's performance is unmatched.

Artistic software leader Vision Numeric has over 15 years of expertise. They have developed artistic software products for a variety of industries including signmaking, woodworking, moldmaking, cutting, sculpture, and industrial engraving. Out of this vast expertise LaserType was developed to respond to the needs of the most demanding professionals in the laser industry.

LaserType provides complete composition modes designed to respond to the demands of all industries. Photo module, stamp wizard, matrix, plaque creation module, are just some of the examples of these composition modes. LaserType also offers a number of specific functions designed to improve your productivity, the performance of your machine, as well as to provide the most meticulous result and finish.

Mechanical or graphical drawing, logo handling, drawing and text editing, nesting, a dedicated CAM module with optimized contour choices; LaserType is truly the bridge between graphic arts and a technical software.