Your design

A piece of jewelry that you will be pleased to own ...

This ability allows the previously recognized retail work in jewelry, which is the hallmark of well-performed gold for many years, unfortunately, was largely sacrificed for cost reasons, can again show what Norwegian goldsmiths to produce the jewelry.

For this I need your sketch, drawing or a picture of what you want. After reviewing this material, I can give a estimate of what it will cost. Completely non-binding and free.

About the opportunities this entails ...

Computer Assisted Design or CAD is of me made with 3Design CAD from Vision Numeric, a special 3D program written for the manufacture of jewelry. This technique means that you do not need to take special considerations to designs and shapes that would be very difficult or impossible to perform the usual craft properly.

As an example we can imagine an earring in a complicated detail asymmetric shape. It should be just one click to and you have a 100% exact mirror copy. The pre-engineered model is exported to a file format (. Stl) which most computer-controlled machines can use.

To translate this model in metal, I use Solidscape precision 3D wax printer. This builds the model in wax with great accuracy, as the jeweler will continue to cast in precious metal, finishing and the completion of delivery. Number of casting processes are pewter, brass, bronze, stainless steel, titanium, silver, gold and platinum.

The cost of a jewel is determined by ...A good description of the details of jewelry in addition to a sketch or drawing will make it easier to give an estimate of the cost. The price will be determined from the dayprice of the metal the day when the model will be produced. The number, size, type and quality of stones is very crucial for the price. How much detail work it is on the model will be a crucial factor.

If it disclosed a price limit, I will try to adjust the weight of the necklace, the number, size and quality of any stones to get as close to this limit as possible, even if this differs from the description.

If the price limit is not out of the jewel, I will let you know this and appreciate the original description.

To give a more precise estimate ...

By using my experience and sense of form of jewelry, I will design jewelry from your sketch with drawing in the CAD (Computer Aided Design). This is a time consuming and precise work, but also provides great freedom and opportunity in the design of a model with a distinctive character, which you will be pleased to own.

Once this is done, I can conclude the weight of the finished jewelry, working hours, the size and price of any stone and hold none of these is calculated more accurately.

The basis for a possible production of jewelry with this already been done. CAD files can then be sent to our 3D wax printer to produce a model that is the base jeweler will be the preparation of your jewelry.

Before this work can begin ...

Because this is a time consuming and precise work, I will, before starting work, ask the € 250 paid for the engagement.

This amount will not be refunded, even if it is given notice of termination when the work is first started, but will be deducted from the amount of tax in case of delivery of finished jewelry.

Three times with minor changes or adjustments to the model before production, is free.

If you are not satisfied with the result and will try all over again, would this be considered a new assignment and payment of the reduced price of € 125 must be done before starting work.

A description ...

Fill out the form on the contact page, download sketchform and conditions and give me as good a description as possible. The more details provided, the easier it will be to get an idea of what you want.

Explain if it to be with stones and / or pearls, what kind of colors and sizes you want. Perhaps, in various combinations whether it is wanted.

What color is desired on the metal - will it be silver, yellow, red or white gold. Perhaps if you prefer a combination thereof, or a piece of jewelry in platinum. It need not be a master of drawing. From long experience as a precious stone setter in partnership with jewelers, I understand what is intended.

This experience will also be the basis and used in the design of your jewelry.This happens ...

You will receive a fully rendered image (photo-like drawing) of the model so it looks like, for your approval of any production. The amount paid will be deducted from any production of jewelry.

Cad file that the production is your property, will not be disclosed to others without your consent and will be archived for your later use. For example. loss, the model could be reproduced exactly.

Let me know when you've decided to go ahead and book jewel, and I will get in touch with your jewelry business or recommend one for your home.

Goldsmith shop will be working with me developing the final result and will then contact you to arrange details for delivery.