Sten Month for June
Characteristics: 31/2-4

Pearl is one of the first piece of jewelry materials known to mankind. It is the symbol of purity, beauty and fidelity, has since antiquity been dedicated to the goddess of love - the Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus.A genuine pearl formed in a clam with no human intervention. Oyster secretes the pearl in thin concentric layers covering a penetrating foreign body (skallbit, grit, parasite el.lign.) Protect the soft part of the animal. The teams will remain as the valuation of each other. Therefore, the pearl feels rough when you leave the surface of teeth.It is only natural cultured pearls we call pearls. The pearls sold today are cultured pearls - pearls that are grown or cultured. We distinguish between saltwater cultured pearls and freshwater pearls depending on how the oyster lives.

A cultural gem created by a round core made of shells from large freshwater mussels are grafted into the oyster. Then nature takes over and the process is that the real gems: the oyster covers the ball with perlemorlag to protect themselves. By L00 innpodninger, about half to be unsuccessful because the oyster is able to eject the core. 5 will provide the seed of good quality, about 25 medium and 20 of less good or poor quality. An Akoya pearl culture that has been in the oyster 3 - 4 years may have had an approximately 0.5 mm thick perlemorlag and - depending on the size of the innpodete ball - had a diameter of about 8 - 9 mm.

SOUTH SEA (light) / TAHITI (dark)
These cultural gems are much larger than the others, up to 20 mm, both because the clams are larger, because higher temperatures in the waters they live in make growth more powerful.


Culture Pearls are cultivated mainly in China. They are becoming rounder and larger, and may soon compete with saltwater cultured pearls in quality.In assessing the beads, the size is important. Shine, surface purity and smoothness are also of great importance when it comes to price. The color is more dependent on individual taste.

Imitation pearls are available in different variants. The disclosure in that they are slippery when you let them slide against the teeth. Real pearls and cultured pearls will seem rough.