Characteristics: 71/4-73/4 (may vary)
Chemical formula: Be3Al2 (SiO3) 6 (may vary)
Varietetsnavn: EMERALD and AQUA MARINE (the most famous)

EMERALD - Month Stone for May

Emerald is the most precious of the beryl lean. Most of the finest emeralds, both in terms of size and color, comes from Colombia.Genuine emeralds are almost never without inclusions, which unfortunately makes the stones brittle and difficult to comprehend. The ground therefore cut corners to avoid the vulnerable points (emerald cut) or as a cabochon. To improve the color, hide cracks and make them more stable, emeralds are very often treated with oil and should never be cleaned in an ultra-sound.The name emerald comes from the Greek word "smaragdos" which means green stone.From ancient times was emerald devoted love goddess Venus. It was to protect marriage and all road users and was a symbol of immortality and eternal fidelity.

AQUA MARINE - Month Stone for March

In the 19. century was the ocean-green color of most sought after, but today comes stones of pure blue color in the highest price. Aquamarine is usually clear, without many inclusions.It should be like other beryl preserve love and inspire mutual loyalty.The name Aqua Marine comes from Latin "aqua" meaning water, and from the "mare" meaning sea. The mermaids are tax and therefore happiness stone for sailors. It should make the owner a strong, secure, good vision and medical eye diseases.Most aquamarine comes from Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Russia and the U.S.

The green emerald and the blue aquamarine are varieties of the mineral beryl we know best, but in the beryl group are also many other beautiful and more rare colors. Here are some:


Beige, golden, yellow, green and yellow varieties.

MORGANITE - Month Stone for October

The colors can vary from rødorange to reddish-purple and pastel pink. The name derives from J.P. Morgan (Morganite) but becomes more and more familiarsom "Pink Emerald".

Morganite is a very rare stone. Much rarer than green emeralds that are not really so rare. Not to mention the diamond that is not rare at all. Almost everyone, regardless of income, owner's a diamond or more.Genuine Morganite (Pink Emerald) are becoming more expensive. It is expected that the best stones in the near future will be able to sell for $ 30,000 per carat.


The name of the golden and red varieties.


Colorless varieties. The first time found in Goshen, Massachusetts. Hence the name.

In earlier times, almost all colorless beryl used loupes and lenses in the glasses and the word spectacle comes from the word beryl or beryllos in Greek.