In its continued tradition to deliver Innovative, Powerful, Integrated solutions, Vision numeric is proud to launch its new solution: 3Shaper.

Developed in house, fruit of a meticulous internal R&D and a broad study of the market, 3Shaper delivers today, with 3DESIGN, an INTEGRATED solution that pushes back the limit of your imagination.

Your creativity does not have any limit!

3Shaper is an entirely new product aimed at letting you create virtually any 3D object or shape. Perfectly integrated in 3DESIGN CAD7, it offers a whole new set of features and technology, which allows a complete freeform modeling of the most complex organic designs.

3Shaper combines the incredible modeling possibilities of Sub Division Surfaces with 3DESIGN CAD hybrid modeling strength.

It benefits from the renowned superior 3DESIGN CAD Parametric platform. You can thus come back to your model days or weeks later and modify it freely!

Giving you the best of both worlds!

Unique on the market, you have now a real bridge between CAD and SCULPTURE, all-in-one.

Model your piece picking up edges, vertices or surfaces. Move, scale, or rotate them, each allowing you adifferent type of modeling. 3Shaper's tools are sorted into four categories: Selection, Edition, Modification and Creation. All these, combined, allow you to bring life to the most incredible designs you could ever imagine.

With a simple click, your designs are ready for prototyping machines, or presentations to customers, suppliers or staff, using the 3DESIGN CAD Ray-Tracing or Animation features.

All in one!

With a very short learning curve, you truly jump to a NEW DIMENSION in CAD usage.Fashion goes fast. Be the one to launch new trends!