We have participated in the CAD / CAM market in Scandinavia since 2004 and have a good experience with the production of both finished goods for sale, semi-finished and clean wax models for casting. We want old and new customers are welcome to take part in our success.
Our new website, we want to be an inspiration to greater production of goods in Norway. The trend goes in a direction where the public is more concerned with the special personal jewelry. Certainly designed and produced for them alone.

  • We can help youre store with demanding applications and customers
  • We supply everything from finished goods, semi-finished or wax models.
  • Is a manufacturer and supplier of own jewelry series.
  • Performs sales, training and support for Type3 products in Scandinavia
  • Host regular online demo of 3Design CAD
  • Interested in CAD? Try out our "Try & Buy" package.
  • Need help with a quest?
  • First test for new customers until the rendered image is free
  • Start by opening and read the PDF "Terms"

One example of a common request and how I have solved the task. The ring was produced for the customer. In this case, had the customer's had his own stones and was responsible for casting / renovation himselves. We produced the wax model and setting the stones.