Hardness: 7 - 71 / 2
Varietetsnavn: See below
Sten Month for October.

Tourmaline will protect against infections, provide inspiration, self esteem, joy and friendship as well as dispel evil thoughts and concerns.Tourmaline is one of the most fascinating gemstones we have. Not only is it in a rainbow of colors, but a single turmalinkrystall can have up to L5 different colors or shades. It served his growth pattern is either a cross-striped layer or layers from the bottom to the top of the crystal, or it forms the "veins rings" from crystal core to its outer edge. The beautiful colors and tourmaline high hardness, thus making the stone suitable for use in jewelry.

Green tourmaline is called worth a little, it is the one we usually see in jewelry.

This is the pink and red variety, where the ruby-red is the highest in price.

This is dark blueParaibaThe blue to blue-green called Paraíba. This is the most costly of all tourmaline.