Hardness: 10
Month Stone for April
It will protect against enemies and to give courage and strength and light fires of love.

Diamond is the hardest mineral we know and therefore the stone that best withstand use. It is also the only mineral that consists of only one chemical element: carbon. Name diamond comes from the Greek word adamas which means invincible. Most diamonds found in nature are between one to three hundred billion years old. The first diamonds were found in the Golconda region of India for about 4000 years ago.Diamonds are pure carbon that crystallized under a pressure of 70,000 kg/cm3 and a temperature of up to 2000 ° C. Such conditions exist 150 to 200 km under the Earth's surface. Volcanic eruptions drive the diamond toward the soil surface. 80% of all diamonds are unsuitable as a jewelry stone.

There are four factors that determine the value of a diamond:

The 4 C's Carat * Clarity * Color * Cut

Carat = weight. Termed ct - l ct = 0.02 g

Color = color. The main sources are:

* River
* Top Wesselton
* Wesselton
* Top Crystal
* Crystal
* Cape

The color scale ranges from colorless to pale yellow.There are also colored diamonds yellow, pink, blue, green and red, but they are very expensive.

Clarity = clarity. The main degrees are:

* FL
* IF
* VS
* SI
* P

The clarity is the assessment of the inclusions seen under l0x-loupe.

Cut = slip. The main degrees are:
* Very good
* Good
* Medium
* Poor

Slip denotes slip quality and proportions.
Brilliant is an abrasive form, which means a diamond cut with 57 facets. The shape is usually round, but can also be drop-shaped or Navette (Marquise el. Boat-shaped).Other possible abrasive forms of diamond is princess slip (square), baguette (rectangular) and the trapeze. Small diamonds are called 8 / 8 cut has 17 facets.

The best known and most widely used diamantimitasjonen these days are cubic zirconia and eventually will also synthetic moisonitt on the market.Cubic zirconia weighs 55% more than diamond.Famous diamondsThere are many famous diamonds. Here are some of the most famous:

Koh-I-Noor, also called The Mountain of Light (Persian for Koh-I-Noor) is the oldest of the famous diamonds.

The largest diamond ever found is called Cullinan. Also known as Star of Africa

Another celebrity is The Hope Diamond , the world's largest blue diamond.